KPMG VAT-Web – value added tax return at a glance

Our offer includes:

  • Digital VAT declaration
  • Including advance VAT return, EC sales list, Intrastat, annual return
  • Uses original forms
  • Data import from ERP system
  • Data check including VAT ID no.
  • Without media breaks
  • Documentation of all steps
  • Consolidation of VAT groups

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Optimize your VAT declaration process

With digitalisation advancing, increased tax audits and stricter prosecution of failures to declare tax, companies today need an accurate and smooth VAT declaration process more than ever. KPMG VAT-Web is a software application that helps you with your declarations – and not only as regards ensuring timely submission. The system of preparation is part of an efficient risk management process and tailored to your requirements. Trust in our expert knowledge and our competence in both IT and VAT advisory and have your VAT declaration completed by KPMG VAT-Web at the touch of a button.

Your benefits with our solution


Cost-saving potential


Risks in the declaration process minimised thanks to documentation and workflow based on the dual-control principle


Import from every ERP system at document line level and task management with email warning system


Option of individual rights management per declaration


Interfacing between IT and VAT advisory


Switching languages between German / English

Interesting facts

Use can be expanded to selected EU countries (Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and UK). KPMG VAT-Web offers simple language switching from the language of the respective country to German and English, meaning that KPMG VAT-Web can be used for these countries without knowledge of their respective national languages.

We offer to analyse the accounting data in advance using a Tax Intelligence Solution. This means that errors in the tax determination or the entry of transactions can be identified before the VAT declarations are prepared.

If VAT declarations must be submitted ad-hoc in a number of different countries, our KGSH (KPMG’s Global Compliance Centre) is on hand to assist you. Here, local experts from all over the world prepare the VAT declarations for you.

Questions and answers

What do I have to be aware of when integrating KPMG VAT-Web into my IT landscape?

KPMG VAT-Web is an 'on premise' solution. KPMG VAT-Web is installed on your server. Users can start KPMG VAT-Web through a browser. There is no need for an interface between the ERP system and KPMG VAT-Web. KPMG VAT-Web works as a standalone solution. You download the necessary reports from you ERP system. KPMG VAT-Web imports these reports and analyses them. KPMG VAT-Web does not have access to your ERP system and so cannot make changes to it.

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