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Pricing with foresight

Determining the right price in the transaction process is of concern to both buyers and sellers. To support price determination, KPMG Multiples allows insights into helpful benchmark data. In just a few steps, the tool provides access to current market multiples - such as revenue multiples, EBITDA multiples and EBIT multiples - and thus guarantees a fast and reliable derivation and plausibility check of the possible purchase price.

The extensive database is updated monthly and contains peer group specific data of more than 13,000 companies worldwide. Based on this database, KPMG Multiples generates current multiples for the desired reporting date in just two input steps, specifying the number of available analyst estimates on which the calculation is based. The multiples are presented to the user in both tabular and graphical form, allowing the data to be viewed over time. Individual analysis and adjustment options also increase the individual quality of results: the multiples can be adjusted for outliers as required as well as only included in the analysis according to a self-selected range. With the Excel download function, users are given the possibility of exporting the data and subsequently processing it further as required.

All benefits at a glance


The most important trading multiples in one place.


All data is derived based on consistent KPMG valuation standards.

Up to date

Monthly updates ensure that the data is up to date.


All important values at your fingertips at a glance.


Results can be exported to Excel for further processing.

Insights into the dashboard

Additional product information

New features: Determine multiples even faster with predefined industry peer groups for approx. 70 (sub)sectors according to GICS classification. Further, they can be specifically adapted to needs and requirements and thus offer the ideal baseline for tailored analyses. Find a summary of all available data below:

Available data

  • Sales multiples
  • EBITDA multiples
  • EBIT multiples
  • Earnings multiples
  • Book value to market value of equity multiples

Product versions at a glance

KPMG Multiples

Self Service

You will get independent access to the online tool. This allows you to enter the data yourself and view the results in just a few steps.

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KPMG Multiples

Managed Service

In addition to tool access, we will provide you with a contact person for setup and data entry and also support you with our KPMG expertise in compiling a relevant peer group.

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KPMG Multiples

Tailored Service

Apart from tool access and the individually compiled peer group, you will also receive further multiples and analyses for your company, such as transaction multiples, sector-specific multiples or outlier analyses.

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KPMG Valuation Data Source

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