Material and service sourcing with SAP Ariba Sourcing

Material and service sourcing with SAP Ariba Sourcing

To negotiate best-value sourcing agreements – the kind that provide sustainable savings – a strategic sourcing environment is needed. This environment consists of a powerful supplier network and is equipped with superior tools, expertise and information.

With tight integration in the Ariba Network and connections to more than 4.6 million companies, SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite provide features to start a sourcing project, collaborate with vendors, compare offers and integrate auctions of different kinds. The sourcing processes can be simplified by using a single solution for all of your expense categories – services, indirect materials and direct materials. The integration in contracts and operational P2P procurement allows the user to transfer the sourcing offer into a contract and a related purchase order within one solution.

Within our demo we will guide you through the sourcing process starting with the creation of an RFP template, inviting suppliers and receiving bids for our request. We will analyse the event and award it to a supplier.

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