Regulatory Intelligence Database (RID) for Life Science

Digitization of processes with the help of a low-code automation platform

The alliance partner provides a low-code automation platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact business applications. Many of KPMG's biggest clients, and some of the world's largest organizations, use the alliance partners’ applications to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management.

Initial situation

A global Contract Research Organization (CRO), handling some of the most complex clinical drug trials, struggled with ensuring compliance and quality control over regulatory information across ever-changing global requirements. Not only did they struggle to maintain the required level of control, but they also faced challenges in producing comprehensive audit trails for their processes. Additionally, local and regional interpretations and assessments of regulatory requirements were collected locally rather than in a global centralized repository, so that capturing and memorializing this critical knowledge proved challenging.

Their subject matter expertise needed to be better coordinated across multiple locations, but they lacked a means to organize and consolidate their scattered data sources and procedures into a unified system.

The organization sought a solution that could bring together and organize regulatory intelligence and requirements data from their operational Regulatory Intelligence Units (RIU’s). This included being able to sort and add a taxonomy for information on product lifecycle, safety, regulatory affairs, and medical affairs.

They also wanted to give end users the ability to customize how data would be viewed, validated, and updated within the RID system, without the need to bring in a software developer and systems integrator each time.

The platform enabled the organization to achieve digital transformation of their processes, allowing them to:

  • Give all end-users access to all content while managing content ownership and editing capabilities based on user role and permissions
  • Create multiple flexible change request processes and consolidate data into unified procedures
  • Establish the flexibility to generate reports on any data within the system
  • Provide a single, secure place for personnel to see the status of all Regulatory Intelligence Activities
  • Create a system for managing key regulatory form templates, latest regulations, and documents by location
  • Produce reports to assure that procedures such as validation approvals, process checklists, and fully reportable audit trails are being followed

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Optimizing processes and accelerating market launch


Digitization of legacy application landscapes


Connecting customers, employees, and systems

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