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With our solution you visualize the entire material flow

Your supply chains span global material flows between your various suppliers, plants, distribution centers, retailers and customers. Events such as natural disasters or irregular occurrences such as strikes have a direct impact on supply and demand. Does the complexity of your supply chains limit visibility and your company's ability to act?

To ensure the most accurate monitoring of your entire supply chain and to predict any potential disruptions, you must have complete visibility over your distribution channels. And you should not just consider data from your supply chain partners, such as transport service providers, but also other sources of information, for example news impacting your supply chain.

A Supply Chain Control Tower allows you to visualize your entire material flow from suppliers, plants, distribution centers, retailers and customers by integrating all key elements. The Control Tower operates as a platform that allows you to collaborate with all partners, working together to jointly resolve exceptions and execute decisions along the SC network.

Machine learning algorithms allow you to run "what if" scenarios and analytics, and then develop intelligent and prescriptive recommended actions along the planning and execution functions of the supply chain.

Your benefits with our solution

Inventory investment

Up to 30% lower investment in inventory

Planning efficiency

Increase efficiency by 60%

Risk minimization

Significant reduction in lost sales through accurate action on anomalies and disruptions

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