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Especially in the retail sector, managing numerous stores in multiple geographical regions, with different campaigns and requirements is very complex.

Customer struggles with managing store tasking and communications that creates a high level of effort for the Comms team to plan "projects" and send out messages to stores. There are various store profiles amongst the 1,000s of locations and that profile dictates who gets what projects. Once projects are assigned it is then hard to track progress and coordinate conversations if there is confusion or problems.

Bring together the Communications team and Store Managers on a single platform with coordinated communications and tasking. Extending Location to create store profiles will enable projects to be assigned based on criteria (e.g. has liquor, cafe, or lottery machines). Then allow Store Managers to access tasking via a Portal where they can mark tasks as complete and communicate issues back to the project owner.

When a store manager starts their day, they open their Planner app on their phone to see what key tasks they need to accomplish. Managers can also review the specific projects assigned to their store. From the home page, a store manager can jump into the task detail and provide evidence that they completed the task. They can also review the parent project for all tasks and key project contact info.

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