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The uncertainty of today’s fast-paced world is requiring the planning process to evolve to an agile, responsive, and flexible capability.

Anticipating and reacting to change means Banks must be able to quickly generate multiple “what-if” forecasting scenarios and evaluate them across numerous dimensions -considering constraints such as capital and liquidity.

This driver-based planning application provides a solution which materially reduces delivery time and helps to address these key questions: • What should the shape of the bank look like across retail asset/liability classes to meet shareholder return targets within the capital and liquidity constraints? • How can we automate forecasting the Bank’s full Balance Sheet to meet regulatory asks? • How would improved utilization/drawdown rates for cards impact product balances, income, impairments, direct and indirect costs? • How can we plan and analyze impact of management actions to close the gap between the latest forecast to the Group targets?

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Significant reduction in delivery times

Planning reliability

Agile, responsive and flexible planning process 

Forecast reliability

Creation of multiple "what-if" forecast scenarios

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