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Digital business analytics and use cases relating to ESG issues give you the opportunity to properly identify the various aspects of your company's sustainable transformation. They enable you to create the basis for a comprehensive sustainability strategy that generates value and is anchored in all business areas.
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Goran Mazar on the new "Sustainable management" study

Leverage ESG for your value generation

Environmental, social, governance – that is what ESG stands for. From climate change to social justice to sustainable financing strategies. The requirements for sustainability at companies and organizations are extensive. But so are the opportunities. We are convinced that ESG has developed from a risk and compliance issue into a tool that can be leveraged for generating value.

Where to start? Use the expertise of KPMG Atlas! Throughout the transformation into a sustainable and thus future-proof company, KPMG will support you in all three areas with its in-depth expertise. But where to start? To gain clarity as to your next steps, we offer you easily accessible analytical tools, content, and straightforward access to our ESG experts with our digital platform Atlas.

Our ESG transformation areas at a glance

These five ESG transformation areas should be kept in mind when developing your value-generating sustainability strategy. We are happy to support you with this.

Icon regulation & reporting

Regulation & Reporting

Meeting increasing regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations on ESG transparency and accountability while profiting from political incentives.

Icon strategy & value

Strategy & Value

Transforming business and operating models to increase resilience, economic performance and enterprise value through ESG.

Icon governance & organization

Governance & Organization

Enabling chance by defining internal processes, controls, and structures as well as creating an inclusive, equal and just culture along the entire value chain.

Icon technology & alliances

Technology & Alliances

Using the power of data and software in collaboration with the world’s biggest tech players to internally steer and externally report on the ESG transformation.

Icon climate & nature

Climate & Nature

Maximizing positive impact on the planet’s systems and the business operating in it.

Directly to the digital ESG service of your choice

Here we present our digital ESG services to you. Explore our wide range of digital services in relation to ESG – our services are always in step with the latest developments.

ESG Management & Steering

ESG Management & Steering

Identify the actions required for a future-oriented ESG management.

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Climate Reporting (TCFD)

Climate Reporting (TCFD)

Assess to what extent climate change is influencing your business processes.

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Green Miles App

Green Miles App

Encouraging companies to implement more sustainable travel policies.

Customer interaction? - Yes, but please make it sustainable!

Customer interaction? - Yes, but please make it sustainable!

KPMG helps clients create sustainable customer interactions and use ESG guidelines as an asset.



An approach by KPMG and UKG to future-proof sustainability practices within the organization’s HR function.


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Obtain insightful answers quickly and easily to your questions and assessments on your issues from our experienced KMPG specialists.

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ESG solutions for long-term company success

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wind turbines


Sustainable management Study on ESG management & steering

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Pile of paper


Green Bonds: Sind Steuervorteile für nachhaltige Anleihen sinnvoll? (in German only)

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Paragliding in the mountains


KPMG Zukunftsgipfel 2023/2024: Economic issues of our time

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Paragliders in the mountains


KPMG Zukunftsgipfel 2023/2024: Economic issues of our time

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Frauen im Vorstand: Tina Müller über ESG, Strategie und Karriere (in German only)


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