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Financial planning and reporting with an impact

Startups want one thing above all: to focus on their business. However, investors demand well-prepared business plans and reports that provide transparent and professional information about the financial position. The KPMG Startup Finance App offers young companies an intuitive platform for entering financial data, analyzing business plans and key figures, and creating individual reports. The tool is an optimal companion for early stage to series B startups on their way to the next step, whether this be an upcoming financing round or a sale to another company.

The KPMG Startup Finance App automatically takes care of merging all the information into an integrated business planning model and requires no prior knowledge. In addition, analyses are carried out automatically and evaluations are generated with formulation suggestions for interpretation and argumentation. Assets, liabilities, financial position and financial performance are thus visible at the push of a button and can be output in freely editable report templates. We have a firm grasp on the complexities involved in this.

The app is available for 30 euros per month (plus VAT) and can be cancelled at any time

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Use cases


Financial managementFinancial management
Series fundingSeries funding
Private equityPrivate equity


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All benefits at a glance


fast and professional preparation of financial data, specifically for startups 


individual design of reports by means of selection and commenting options of relevant financial ratios


easy operbility results in clear internal application and secure reporting to potential and existing investors as well as banks 


factual calculation and appealing presentation of key figures 


export the white-label report for individual application in power-point 

Additional product information

Financial planning and reporting with an impact


  • Integrated business plan consisting of an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Breakdown of key value drivers such as growth rates, price/volume framework or customer analysis
  • Detailed planning for net working capital, liquidity/cash burn, investments, equity and financing


Product versions at a glance

KPMG Startup Finance App

Self Service

You will get independent access to the online tool, which can be terminated at any time. After being introduced to the content, you will be able to enter the data on your own, analyse your data and create your individual report in just a few steps.
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KPMG Startup Finance App

Managed Service

In addition to the tool access, our experts will help you with setup and data entry as well as support you in updating and strategically aligning the business plan.

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KPMG Startup Finance App

Tailored Service

Besides tool access and our professional consulting support, you will also receive further services and analyses for your company, such as the set up of multiple companies or an indicative business valuation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which data do I need to put into the business plan and on which timely basis is the planning conducted?

First you enter basic business information about your startup into the solution, such as ownership structure and the management team.Second, you can download an excel template where you can enter general assumptions such as your last actual year, last plan year or the currency. Model settings including the segments or region your startup is operating in, the tax rate, and working capital or financial net debt can also be assumed. When submitting your data for the profit & loss statement (P&L) as well as the balance sheet, you can enter data for up to three actual years and fifteen planning years. For the first two planning years, you can even enter data on a monthly basis instead of a yearly basis. However, at least one actual year is required to display the financials for the analysis and reporting functions. Regarding the specific data that is needed in the excel template, you should enter all relevant data for a P&L, such as your sales in the form of a price-quantity framework as well as all cost of goods sold and other expenses like research and development costs. It is not mandatory, however, to enter data for the balance sheet planning, as the App can also be used without it.

Once you have uploaded the completed excel template and analyzed your financials, you do not need to add any additional data. You can easily integrate all relevant KPIs and graphics from the analysis into the report. However, the report does follow a predefined structure of four input steps, each of which contains information that should be included in every reporting according to KPMG experts. These key steps include information about the market you are operating in, the company presentation including e.g. your management team and product portfolio, the investment opportunity such as your growth strategy and USP, as well as your financials. Along the whole input process however, you remain fully flexible regarding including or excluding sections, sub-chapters or even whole chapters for the report you wish to generate.

No, the KPMG Startup Finance App is designed to make business planning and reporting as convenient as possible for you, regardless of any prior knowledge. For instance, within the excel template we offer guidance along all data input steps and provide a glossary as well as even more detailed answers to our most frequently asked questions in the App itself. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us via email.

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