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Service outages negatively impact customers, partners, and employees, as well as causing financial losses and potential damage to a company's reputation.

Swiftly identifying and dealing with outages - and also proactively preventing them in the future.

The analytical, intelligence, and automation capabilities of the Now Platform allow customers to predict and prevent service outages in an automated and governed manner. The Platform does this by providing visibility into business risk, proactive root-cause analysis, and prescribing remediation actions.

Alex, a senior incident manager, receives a push notification warning of a service outage that will likely occur. In-depth details of the issue are given, which have been correlated using historical information to predict the outage. Alex is able to gain real-time visibility into the potential business impact for the predicted outage. Looking into the root cause of the problem, he learns the disruption is due to a memory leak caused by a recent change. He is then able to drill down into related event sources, incidents, problems, and changes associated with the current issue. Using historical trends and machine-learning algorithms, recommended remediation actions are shown to Alex. Once a remediation action is selected, process automation steps are presented along with change approvals. After the remediation action completes, results are displayed and added to the machine-learning database. The service outage was prevented by detecting the anomaly, identifying the root cause, and automating the remediation.

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