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HR teams frequently use multiple, standalone point solutions to support different aspects of HR. You might use one system for on-boarding and another to manage policies, but the policies don’t always map back to appropriate controls. And there are a wide range of regulations across the employee journey. Beyond internal policies and best practices there are regulations that can vary greatly from state to state and country to country. When these systems run in silos, teams are left with manual work to try and monitor compliance across the organization.

  • Is your company subject to local laws regarding pay for unused personal time off?
  • Have all appropriate steps been followed during on-boarding and termination?
  • When was the last time employees confirmed the review of anti-harassment and insider trading policies?
  • Have the appropriate pre-employment background checks been completed?
  • How do leave policies vary depending on where an employee resides?
  • Have the appropriate policies been followed for whistleblowers, non-discrimination, sexual harassment complaints, and investigations?
  • Have you implemented and approved the appropriate policies regarding separation of duty?

Fortunately, there is a way to mitigate these risks. With KPMG’s industry experience and a robust solution like ServiceNow HR Service Delivery / GRC working in tandem, you have an integrated risk platform and an additional line of defense. GRC can monitor activity across solutions, automatically alert the appropriate teams when there is a compliance concern, track the concern through resolution, and prove that your organization has adhered to all requirements.

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