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In the context of this use case, the duties of employees associated with certain jobs should be documented in the context of a job description. In addition to filling out a multi-page document, the process involves several process participants and requires multi-level feedback, whereby the contents of a job description can be derived rule-based from higher-level attributes, such as the department. So far, the process has been based on manually filling in and sending Word templates without a central repository.

Jobs must be described, adapted and coordinated in terms of competences, tasks, powers and responsibilities. Manual and decentralised documentation of job descriptions by means of (Word) templates costs a lot of personnel and time.

A platform app that serves as a central repository for internal job descriptions.Employees act as job holders for their own position and fill in task and information fields independently with the help of dynamic notes.The respective supervisor receives the job holder's description and can add to it or approve it. Further use and expansion of the functionalities of the job description and competence management are possible depending on the application.

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Central data storage

by ensuring a single point of truth

Automation of document creation

through approval loops

User-friendly tool

supports different process views depending on user role

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