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Whether in the office, at home or on business trips - efficient work must be possible from anywhere. As in other areas of life, employees expect service requests to be available 24/7, and content and documents must be tailored precisely to their requests. Adaptations to existing HR processes and target groups must be quick and easy for the HR department to implement and not, as is still often the case, controlled and implemented by IT departments.

HR departments need to reposition themselves. The demands of hybrid work environments and the "war for talents" on the labor market mean that HR processes must be designed to be holistically user-friendly. In addition, employees must be able to access relevant information quickly and easily and experience a positive perception across the board in their touch points with HR.

KPMG solution: Analysis of the customer organization through a New Work assessment + (design thinking) target image workshops (realignment or initiation of an HR strategy).

UKG solution (system-side): UKG portfolio (e.g. configurable dashboards as a tool to create transparency, as for example requests are received centrally) Result: Increase agility and efficiency for employees & HR + Digitization and optimization of HR processes.

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Integration & implementation of global compliance in HR

Assist with HR compliance and minimize privacy risks.

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