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  • Many companies lack a homogeneous HR infrastructure (one single source of truth & end-to-end process optimization).

  • This leads to different user experiences, lack of integration, lack of personalization and little further development

  • Dissatisfaction of employees due to lack of overview and user focus arises, as different points of contact for HR issues exist

  • Too much complexity for employees leads to additional work for HR department

In order to build up the target image of an employee-centric and digitized corporate culture, it is necessary to break away from existing structures. Heterogeneous, inflexible, incompletely integrated systems and manual processes entail high process costs and generate dissatisfaction among the workforce. Information is available, but it is not personalized, intuitive and quickly accessible to employees. This generates a high number of administrative requests to the HR department. The relevance of the HR department as a strategic function in the company can only be ensured if redundant & repetitive tasks are eliminated.

The holistic approach of KPMG and UKG can ensure continuous Employee Experience by reducing administrative workload and responding quickly to changing circumstances and needs without delay and additional costs.

KPMG solution: Strategic, conceptual transformation advisory along the employee journey (e.g. optimization of onboarding) + design thinking workshops (experience sharing) in combination with process optimization (information sharing)

UKG solution (system side): UKG Smart Assistant (NLU driven chatbot solution) + UKG People Operations solutions (HR Service Delivery & Workforce Management).

--> Implementation can be done by UKG Smart Assistant solution among others.

Result: Develop employee-centric self-service landscape through holistic HR platforms (based on core systems, such as SAP SuccessFactors or engagement platforms, for example from Microsoft), where employees can intuitively help themselves in a personalized way based on end-to-end as well as automated processes.

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Agile Culture Transformation

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Modern Work - central role of the HR department

Modern Work - central role of the HR department

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