Financial Accounting Services

Our offer includes:

  • Transaction allocation and booking according to the German Commercial Code
  • Compliance with GoB/GoBD German accounting standards
  • Calculation of classical annual closing entries
  • Financial accounting
  • Business analyses
  • Preliminary VAT declarations and recapitulative statements

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Modern Accounting Services: Trusting Your Financial Accounting to Experts

As a documentation and information tool, financial accounting is an essential element in business decision-making. It involves much more than compliance with extensive statutory and regulatory requirements. These requirements are also becoming increasingly complex due to changing regulations and legal issues. Your financial accounting is in good hands with our team of experts. We keep abreast of the current requirements to provide a wide range of modern accounting services. We look forward to assisting you with a wide range of financial accounting services, including wage and payroll reporting and travel expense documentation. You can count on us for all your contemporary accounting needs.

Your benefits with our solution


Our expertise regarding all accounting matters


Adherence to company-internal compliance regulations and the principles of duly executed accounting (GoB/GoBD)


Comprehensive country and industry expertise

Interesting facts

In the case that no accounting system has been previously set up, we create an accounting system for you and define company-relevant processes. This includes the integration of all individual tax-relevant company circumstances.

We prepare and evaluate all of your subledger accounting (e.g. accounts payable/receivable, fixed asset accounting), and link the respective subledger accounting to your financial accounting system. We can also provide you with payment proposal lists on desired dates.

Upon your request and specifications, we prepare economic analyses, such as profit and loss statements, cash flow statements, liquidity status, industry trends, and individual KPI overviews. We can also develop cost centre/cost unit accounting to meet your requirements.

We calculate our net fee on a monthly basis according to the Fee Directive for Tax Consultants (StBVV). Administrative costs will be calculated at a 5% flat rate of the net fee invoiced. Inclusive within the flat rate are expenses incurred for telecommunication, database usage, and secretarial work along with print and graphics support. In addition, other expenses incurred in connection with the provision of services will also be invoiced. In particular, including but not limited to, travel and external provider expenses calculated based on actual costs incurred. Please note that the above stated fee is considered to be the net fee, which may be subject to statutory VAT at the applicable rate.

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Further services with regard to Compliance

Preparing Annual Financial Statements

Preparing Annual Financial Statements

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Real estate transfer tax check

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Mayday Accounting – immediate assistance for the accounting function

Mayday Accounting – immediate assistance for the accounting function

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Tax CMS at SMEs

Tax CMS at SMEs

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