Tax CMS at SMEs

Our offer includes:

  • One-hour web conference
  • Introduction to the greatest challenges of a Tax CMS
  • Presentation of the tried and tested KPMG approach for SMEs
  • Learn how to get started efficiently with the KPMG Toolkit Tax CMS
  • Opportunity to ask our experts questions
  • Further development of your Tax CMS with flexible involvement of KPMG; also possible within your company once it has been set up

Tax CMS at SMEs – free initial consultation

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The Reliable Solution for Tax Compliance Demands

The demands of tax authorities on tax departments to be 'compliant' and to correctly assign and record tax matters are constantly increasing. Even relatively minor errors can result in criminal or administrative offense proceedings. It's good that you can then rely on your Tax CMS.

Learn more in a free one-hour web conference with our experts about the most important challenges of Tax CMS and find out what actions your company needs to take.  We will also introduce you to our tested approach for SMEs with the KPMG Toolkit Tax CMS. With the toolkit, you can get started with your Tax CMS together with us using a tax type of your choice. You will then be in a position to further configure the Tax CMS within your company with flexible involvement of KPMG. You can find more information on the KPMG Toolkit Tax CMS under the point Interesting facts.

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Your benefits with our solution


Free initial information from our Tax-CMS experts


Find out what actions to take


Develop the Tax CMS individually step by step in an efficient and resource-saving manner

Interesting facts

KPMG Toolkit Tax Compliance Management System (Tax CMS)

Our KPMG Toolkit Tax CMS services include the following building blocks, which we will develop together with you for your preferred type of tax: survey of core tax processes and measures already in place, identification of tax risks, deriving required actions, drafting an organisational guideline for this type of tax. We provide you with these services – depending on the tax type chosen and the complexity of your business – at a price starting from EUR 15,900 (net).

Full implementation of a Tax CMS

Further information on the Tax CMS can be found on the flyer „KPMG-Toolkit Tax Compliance Management-System (Tax CMS)“.

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