Real estate transfer tax check

Our offer includes:

  • Review of ownership structures and any changes
  • Identifying opportunities and risks related to real estate transfer tax
  • Recommended actions

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Check existing structures for real estate transfer tax and legislative changes

With our real estate transfer tax check, we examine the changes to ownership structures within your group of companies in recent years to identify events triggering real estate transfer tax. Organisational charts of your group structure serve as the basis for identifying declaration obligations. We also look at your current group structure to identify opportunities to optimise future restructuring activities with regard to real estate transfer tax – in a way that is both legally compliant and tailored to your needs.

KPMG supports restructurings without unnecessary real estate transfer tax burdens. The following services are offered in this context:

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Identifying declaration requirements based on real estate transfer tax already triggered


Recommended actions to optimise the corporate structure with regard to real estate transfer tax


Indications for avoiding future real estate transfer tax being incurred

Interesting facts

We offer comprehensive support for real estate transfer tax, including an analysis based on contracts provided by the company, calculating the exact amount of any real estate transfer tax that may have been triggered, and preparation of real estate transfer tax notifications or returns. We also provide a conclusive assessment of potential forward-looking measures and support with the implementation of future measures.

Administrative costs will be calculated at a 5% flat rate of the net fee invoiced. Inclusive within the flat rate are expenses incurred for telecommunication, database usage, and secretarial work such as print and graphics support. In addition, other expenses incurred in connection with the provision of services will also be invoiced. These particularly include, but are not limited to, expenses for travel and external providers based on actual costs incurred. Please note that the above stated net fee is subject to VAT at the legally applicable rate.

Fragen und Antworten

What information needs to be provided for the real estate transfer tax check?

To analyse matters triggering real estate transfer tax, we need you to provide us with:

  • Organisational charts of the group of companies to be checked, and
  • clear explanations of the current group structure and any changes to it.

The real estate transfer tax check is restricted to the analysis of matters related to restructuring measures already carried out that triggered real estate transfer tax as well as the identification of potential ways to avoid real estate transfer tax risks in the event of future restructuring measures. We would be happy to adjust the scope of our services to your needs at any time upon request.

In the context of matters relating to real estate transfer tax, the term “restructuring measures” encompasses mergers, transfers or similar measures under company law which result in a direct or indirect change in ownership of a company which has real estate located in Germany.

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Real estate transfer tax check

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