Mayday Accounting – immediate assistance for the accounting function

Our offer includes:

  • Rapid and efficient solution to capacity problems
  • Qualified accounting experts take on upcoming tasks at short notice
  • Assumption of activity within 3 to 7 days of engagement acknowledgement
  • Performance on your IT systems (remotely)
  • Detailed process mapping
  • Deployment of KPMG Shared Service Center
  • Closing workshop with presentation of knowledge gained, suggestions for improvement and detailed process documentation

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Overcome bottlenecks with our Mayday Accounting

Our Mayday Accounting does not depend on the ERP system in use in your business. If your finance department is in need of relief, our qualified accounting experts can take on upcoming tasks at short notice, thus ensuring the capacity of your finance department. Scope is created to perform pending business tasks, raising the satisfaction and motivation of your staff. Our experts can be deployed quickly and with minimal strain on your internal resources. We work with tried and tested processes and can realise further efficiency gains and process improvements in your accounting function in the areas of organisation, standardisation, automation and quality.

Your benefits with our solution


Rapid and efficient solution to capacity problems


Rapid and easy access to KPMG's expert knowledge: experience in process design and implementation alongside execution competence


Work control using own IT workflow solution


Flexibility through the deployment of KPMG staff to balance peak workloads: scalable model from taking on subtasks to outsourcing entire processes

Interesting facts

We offer Finance as a Service to outsource tasks of your finance function on an ongoing basis. Also we are happy to perform a VAT check of incoming invoices in accordance with Section 14 (4) of the German Value Added Tax Act (UStG). Our Tax Compliance Management System allows us to validate and optimize the appropriateness and effectiveness of adopted measures as part of our Mayday Accounting activities.

Further information can be found on the KPMG topic page Mayday Accounting – Immediate help for your finance department.

Fragen und Antworten

Who is the target group?

All businesses with bottlenecks in accounting, especially businesses with more than 1,000 unprocessed transactions, master data creation tasks, etc.

We usually work on the IT systems of your business. Tried and tested collaboration with our Shared Delivery Centers (SDC) in Leipzig and Essen forms the basis for the Mayday Accounting Service. The prerequisite for an efficient SDC deployment is detailed process mapping in the form of work shadowing. This involves us simulating and mirroring the work in your finance department.

Mayday Accounting is scalable. You can outsource subtasks or entire processes. Depending on the individual requirements of your business, we cover the following activities:

  • asset accounting
  • receivables accounting
  • operational procurement
  • processing subledgers of all types
  • payables accounting
  • inventory recording and analysis
  • approval workflow (purchase requisition)
  • travel expense and credit card accounting

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