Holographic Boardroom

Holographic Boardroom

As a consulting firm, we help you understand relevant information and maximize revenue potential. As part of our Microsoft Alliance, we have developed an augmented reality application that uses state-of-the-art 3D visuals to allow you to view your data visually. By using a third dimension in visualizing complex datasets, we create deep insights and make better business decisons.

The Challenge 

As the business world becomes increasingly digital, we are seeing exponential growth in data. This challenges organizations' current mechanisms for visualizing, exploring and generating value with data through the integration of relevant information into existing business processes.
Augmented reality synthesizes the real world with the digital world by augmenting or supplementing reality with computer-generated and data-driven graphical information.To do this, imagery data is analyzed, placed into context (e.g. via location, barcodes. etc.) and then enriched using, for example, existing sensor data in combination with predictive analytics.

Customized applications for the Hololens are a way for our clients to bridge this gap. However, development of such applications require input from a range of experts, including data scientists, visualization specialists, user interface designers, 3D graphic artists, developers, project managers and more.

Our Services 

We have partnered with Microsoft to build an augmented reality application for advanced data driven presentations in typical boardroom scenarios focused on financial and market data. Our application allows you to explore and develop the possibilities that this technology offers by interacting with information in a new and unique way.
We have created a customized app centering on the use and visualization of data. This jointly developed app helps your organization become more efficient by accelerating and optimizing processes throughout your entire company. A disruptive innovation, this technology combined with our expertise lays the groundwork for new business models and thus new potential revenue streams.

We offer end-to-end services that include everything from strategy development and consulting to implementation. The process starts with a familiarity with your data and the discovery of appropriate use cases through workshops with experts at your business. The next step is to prioritize and assess the feasibility of these use cases and define data requirements. Our data specialists collect, prepare and process data from different sources, applying advanced statistical methods and machine learning technology to generate insights. As a consulting firm with a broad reach, we help you to identify and implement new use cases that fit and extend your existing business model. By doing this, we always follow the concept of a data-driven organisation to maximize the value of your organizational data.

Our Solution

KPMG's Hololens app brings data visualizations to life in the boardroom, utilizing all the 
available space and enabling organic interaction.
Our application fully capitalizes on the potential of 3D visualizations by allowing clients to walk through and interact with charts and visual elements. We can also prepare customized datasets to create data stories based on our clients' particular requirements. 
During an ideation session in our lnsights Center, we identify your specific needs and develop means of adding value to your individual use case. This interactive working environment produces creative results and allows you as the client to experience the technology and benefit from this high-end innovation.

The technology enables use cases that have an effect on

  • growth potential (e.g. providing new customer experience)
  • risk mitigation (e.g. displaying health information in production)
  • cost reduction (e.g. providing specific guidance and support for customer service)
We offer our clients different types of sessions at our global lnsight Centers. Including Hololens and other solutions. Our industry experts and data specialists will be happy to support you.

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