B2B Commerce Site and Content Portal - Customer View

B2B Commerce Site and Content Portal - Customer View


KPMG helps clients re-invent B2B sales and transform their sales function and customer interaction. This use cases is an example of how B2B sales organizations can build up and maintain relationships with B2B buyers and combine an easy-to-use commerce site with efficient purchasing workflows and buyer role-specific, valuable content.

The challenge

B2B sales organizations are faced with a shift from a pure revenue generation function towards a function that creates a positive experience and value for its clients. The boundaries between B2B and B2C buyers are blurring: Like consumers B2B buyers tend to become more and more tech savvy and digital. They start their research online long before getting in contact with a sales rep and demand easy-to-use navigation and search as well as self-services and adequate, value-adding content.

Our solution

Our response is a web site that fosters sales and strengthens customer loyalty by a combination of three crucial elements:

  1. An easy-to use B2B ecommerce site, enabling customer-specific workflows like (re-) ordering, service contract prolongation as well as different payment, delivery and pickup methods
  2. B2B buyers role-specific adequate content and product information and
  3. self-services.

In this use case, the journey starts with the B2B buying center of Coffee’n Cake, a restaurant chain that needs coffee machines for their brand new restaurants to satisfy their customers. The buying center consists of two key roles that drive the process: Susan, the project lead who is in charge to buy a machine for their restaurants and Caroline, the purchaser who handles the purchasing process and commercial aspects. 

The second part of the use case will show the story of Nicolas, the sales rep of Capricorn Coffee Manufacturing, a manufacturing company that produces coffee machines. Nicolas is an experienced senior sales person and is supported by his Salesforce Commerce and Sales Cloud solution.


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