Improve Customer Email Interactions

Improve Customer Email Interaction with KPMG Intelligent Interactions

Email remains one of the most used ways customers interact with businesses with about 281 billion emails sent every day. It is common for customers to email businesses with inquiries such as why their mobile phone service provider charged a certain fee or to add a new service to their account.
In our example, a bank has charged an overdraft fee. Unexplained fees can jeopardize relationships, especially if customers can’t understand the reason for a fee and can’t get a resolution quickly.
We developed KPMG Intelligent Interactions for email and other channels to help meet this challenge. These solutions, built using Google Cloud APIs and KPMG-developed custom models, apply machine learning and other automations such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to help businesses answer inquiries and solve customer issues in a less costly, more efficient manner.
When frustrated customers inquire about fees, businesses need to respond quickly to identify the issue and initiate interaction based on the customers intent and sentiment.
KPMG Intelligent Interactions incorporates cloud, artificial intelligence and automation technologies to create a more consistent experience by design. The system uses natural language processing to identify key words and understand a customer’s mood. In this case, key words show the customer is frustrated. The system can also automatically contextualize a conversation’s importance. It then uses machine learning and big data to select an appropriate response and automatically displays the customer’s details for the human agent, augmenting his actions and enabling a better customer experience.

The system allows companies to customize how it displays information on each customer. Based on the inquiry type, the system recommends a response for the customer support representative. It replaces template content such as the assessed fee amount.
The human agent reviews the answer, has the opportunity to reject, edit or verify it and delivers the response to the customer.
Automation reduces manual copy & paste efforts, as well as the need for customer service agents to juggle systems. The saved time allows agents to handle more inquiries and focus on high-value customer interactions.
The customized response improves the customer experience by providing information about the charge and how to avoid future fees.
As the interaction continues, the customer asks which payment caused the overdraft. The system used machine learning to determine that they have not overdrafted their account in more than a year and are considered a premium customer. Based on the customer’s relationship, the system automatically removes the fee and proactively offers options to eliminate future issues.
Once the issue is resolved, the system applies the data related to the interaction to enhance its ability to serve future customers.
By supporting customers with a transparent blend of human and system support, businesses are able to build trust with customers while improving the system’s effectiveness and augmenting agent performance.

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