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The Business Analytics Smart City examines five dimensions of a city that are essential for successfully mastering the way to a Smart City:

  • Strategic & Cultural Degree of Transformation
  • Penetration within the Organization
  • Mobility
  • Administration
  • Health Care

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How smart is your city?

Cities and municipalities are confronted with increasing digitalization and the use of new technologies. In addition, more and more people are moving to urban areas, municipal resources are having to be used wisely, and energy and water supplies, mobility, as well as communication tools need to be linked with each other. Smart cities combine the goals of securing benefits by using digitalization and new technologies to shape a city’s development to be more efficient, more sustainable, and more liveable. This kind of linkage allows the potential for ecological and social improvements to be exploited. Even though developments of this kind bring a great deal of opportunities with them, they still pose major challenges for cities, local authorities, and municipalities.

Citizens’ growing needs and demands from businesses mean that cities are having to open their services and their structures up to technological change and to create innovations.

Our Business Analytics will help you assess the digital readiness of your city to become a smart city and derive specific recommendations for action. Using a variety of questions in totally five clusters, your city’s level of digital maturity is determined: the degree of strategic and cultural transformation, the penetration within the urban organization, mobility, administration, and health.

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