Digital change management – making change measurable

Digital change management – making change measurable 

Currently 84% of all IT projects fail in whole or in part; either the requirements are incomplete, the users do not participate, there is a lack of resources, the technical knowhow is lacking and/or unrealistic expectations are set and the managers do not support the project. 

The solution to the problem is called change management and deals with the core issues of every project: communication, learning and anchoring. 

With our KPMG internal change management assessments, we help you to identify resistance and success factors at an early stage. Our proven concept allows you to gain a holistic view of your change efforts and make change a reality. Using Microsoft technologies such as PowerApps, PowerAutomate and PowerBI, we have created a digital change management solution.  

Thanks to digitalisation, the results can be evaluated at any time and anywhere - change management is measurable. Survey results and collected data enable you to shift your business priorities and successfully transition people towards the future. 

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